We ride.
We like to climb, steep, and then descend.
We race.
We like light weight, high quality components.

As President of BC2A Design, I have been a Mechanical Design Engineer in Silicon
Valley for over 20 years.
I have worked with teams of engineers designing $10M capitol equipment and flight
qualified hardware that is now circling above our heads in outer space.
I have personally designed telecommunications equipment where critical dimensions
are measured by the wavelengths of light.
From medical devices, semi conductor capitol equipment and telecommunications to
aerospace, I have worked on high-tech projects spanning my entire professional
This diverse background has shown me attention to detail is critical, but to never
lose sight of the big picture.
While I enjoy a good technical challenge, my passion has always been either on the
bike or in the gym.
I ride, test and race my own designs.
I have
personally put over 750,000 feet of descending on the Ti2 Racing Brakes in
calendar year 2005, and over
1,500,000 feet of descending on both the titanium
and new all-aluminum versions since their inception in 2004.
I hope you will enjoy the unique characteristics of these products as much as I do.


BC2A Design, Inc.

p.s. If you happen to find yourself in the San Jose area of California and would like
to do some good, hard climbing and descending, please contact us.
I am usually out brake testing several times a week...