One of the main differences between our brakes and
other lightweight brakes is the use of
A full compliment of Hardened 440C stainless steel thrust
[ball] bearings in each pivot.
At best, other lightweight brakes will only incorporate a
bushing. At worst, nothing at all.
We use both bearings and bushings.
This gives the brakes the ability to be ridden in all-weather
conditions with no loss in functionality.

The images to the right of the page are of a set of
ridden & raced by Eric Wohlberg, Canadian
National Champion, and have over 17,500 km put on them
in a 6 month time period through the 2005-2006 winter
(one of the wettest on record in Northern California).
Ridden rain or shine, almost every day, with NO
MAINTENANCE, to test durability.
Let me repeat that, NO MAINTENANCE, other than normal
pad wear adjustment.
No cleaning.
No fiddling.
Just ridden.
A lot.
And they still feel smooth, with a quiet, clean action.
click on an image to see a larger, dirtier picture.