Since riding the Ti2 Racing Brakes from October of 2005,
"They help me descend faster and with more confidence."
-Christine Thorburn, US Nationall TT Champion, '06 Worlds TT Bronze medalist

The Ti2's work exactly as you'd said they would and have this eerie ability to read my
mind, it seems to me. What I mean by that is the brakes work in a way that allows me
to disregard thinking about over-reaction. i decide about what speed I'd like to slow to
and instantly, I'm at that speed. I don't have to worry about whether I've grabbed the
levers impatiently or with alarm because i get sensory feedback from the brake (sort of
like road feel) that's much more alive than any of the other brakes I've used. This
feedback lets me know if I'm about to be in trouble and gives me a moment to let up,
and that's before I lock a wheel.
They're a unapologetic luxury to be sure, yet unlike most luxury upgrades, they
functionally extend what a bicycle brake does
-Danny Gonzalez, Customer

"I just got done with two big days of riding (4:45 on Sat and 4:30 yesterday)
with plenty of climbing and descending in both.  The best part about the brakes
was that I didn't really notice them.  And what really amazed me was how they
modulated speed so well.  I could do the "scream towards the corner, braking
hard immediately before" and essentially descend faster than if I were on
Shimano brakes."
"FYI, after descending King's on Sunday, I have to say that bar none,
these brakes enable me to descend faster without danger of locking up
the brakes.   I  could enter corners faster, slam on the brakes, and not
have the common brake lock up.  I think trying them on a descent I'm
really used to (I haven't descended King's in awhile) really helped me
make this determination."
-Professional rider, Regional Champion

"These brakes inspire confidence. I can go deeper and faster into corners. These are
the best brakes I've ever used."
-Andy Ball, customer, avid cyclist, President Webcor Builders

"we did 5200 ft of climbing on the first training ride....remember i'm a rookie just
starting out, so although i had done this much was on a century route....NOT
60 miles.  it was brutally sweet.  anyway, the best part was descending and being able
to pass some of the senior women on the downhill (b/c i  certainly am not strong
enough to do that on the ascent yet!)  my little secret weapons performed beautifully -
even on the surfaces still wet from the prior night's rain or the thin spots of black ice in
the early morning shadows."
-Customer, Cat 4 racer

Dear Sir:   
I recently purchased your brakes from George Slough. They are the finest
engineered products I have seen in cycling... Everyone  I have show them is very
interested...I am not sure if I should be spreading the word..if you cannot make them
fast enough..."

"...the brakes really
work well.  I did two 50 mph descents on both rides
and I really like the way they modulate, and they seem
really linear in the way the braking power comes on as
you squeeze harder on the lever."
-frame manufacturer

"The Dura Ace brakes feel similar to your brakes it is easier to lock up the
Dura Ace brakes. I liked the modulation on your brakes better."
-Pro team bike mechanic

"Brakes are awesome."
-Bike Industry Sr. Marketing Manager