Ti 2 Racing
Currently, the prevailing philosophy for brakes is that stiffer is
better, and that the stiffest brake is the best brake.

We disagree.

we believe that braking modulation and control are
the most important factors.
To achieve this, we adapt the response of the brake through
controlled use of 6Al/4V
Titanium in the main arms.

Optimizes modulation and control based on a riders mass and
Model SL – for light and middle weight riders of all types

Raced on the US Pro Circuit, including the 2005 PCT San
Francisco Grand Prix, “The Toughest Race in America”.

224 grams TOTAL per pair. This includes all components in race
configuration with standard pads. (210g using cork pads and
KoolStop's new lightweight holders).

Designed for power and precision alignment in all conditions.
The lightest conventional Dual Pivot Calipers in the World!

Machined from 6Al/4V Titanium, 7075-T6 aircraft grade
aluminum and 440C/302 stainless steel, optimized using Finite
Element Analysis.

Shimano compatible for fast,
easy pad replacement when
changing from aluminum to carbon wheels. Orbital adjustment
for precise pad-to-rim alignment.

bearings consist of hardened 440C stainless steel thrust
bearings and precision flange bushings in industry standard
sizes for longevity and easy rebuilding.

Ti2 Racing Brakes require no change in cable and cable housing
lengths from Dura-Ace or Record installations. Reach is 42.5 – 50

Optimized modulation allows for faster descents and increased
cornering speeds. Weight savings means less inertia when going
up hill.

Faster down, faster up, faster on the flats. Flat out FASTER.

Proudly made in the USA.

Custom Design

Race Proven


Dual pivot


Pad Holders



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